The national drink

The Coca Cola of Colombia.
I’m sorry if I have disappointed those who thought this was going to be an article about coffee..
The colour is not really your regular Fanta. It has an alluring glow-in-the-dark. How it managed to achieve that colour I do not wish to know. But the ingredient field says ‘artificial red, blue and yellow’..
You’d be surprised that I have actually tried it. I had to, in order to tell you what it tastes like. One thing for sure, it has a determinedly strange flavour.. Although it’s hard to pinpoint what flavor it is trying to achieve (not orange, definitely), it shouts ‘artifical’ at you. When I asked Mario how he’d describe the flavour of Colombiana, he said, ‘Delicious, unique, just like my country.’ (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) He is definitely the ambassador the company is looking for. Many Colombians would also say ‘it tastes just like Colombia!’ Guess the company has done well in marketing!
Colombiana looks as radioactive as other Latin American sodas. The Venezuelan Fresskolita is bright red, the Inca Cola of Peru is bright pee-looking drink, and the Kolashampan in Chile is a florescent golden liquid..
Why is it that Latin Americans seem to be in love with their florescent vibrant drinks? It seems that their happy disposition and love for bright colours have also translated into their soda drinks..

Peruvian piss
Chilean ‘Champagne’

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  1. Check the advertisement in youtube (ignore the first 7 seconds). This ad was broadcasted in 1984, I was such a young kid… the most impressive for me was this Japanese guy visiting Colombia and drinking Colombiana… you are right Spacey…. their marketing strategy is very good and we Colombians identify ourselves with this “magical” drink

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