Colombian art treasures

A typical La Candelaria colonial architecture – always with a courtyard
The new part of the museum complex
The small scale museum houses mostly artists from Colombia, and foreign artists who have made major contributions to the Colombian art scene. It takes you through the Colombian history of art from the 18th century to the contemporary time. It’s also where the Botero Museum lives – one of the biggest single collection of the country’s most famous artistic hero..

The museum itself isn’t particularly extraordinary. What makes the visit worthy is the calm and quiet walks in the intricate complex that houses the Casa de la Moneda, Botero Museum, numismatics collection (ie.. coins & notes, to some people they are meant to be interesting..). The walk from the colonial houses to the modern parts, through the colonnades and corridors, is particularly transformative, especially on a bright and lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s the best place to get away from the hustle of the city, and the long queues of cars that are trying to get into one of the Bogotá’s shopping malls at the weekends. The bonus? It’s free, so why not?! ‘Free is always good, even if you’re rich, it’s good.’—Breaking Bad.


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