The journey to Bogotá’s hottest club!

Armando Record is the talk-of-town at the moment! The killer combination of a relaxed joint, constant reliable supply of good music and a happy crowd is sucking up all the party-goers in town!

The interior: Cool tones, retro, geometrical shapes, idiosyncratic (or simply strange?)

The crowd: Think arty-farty; moustached customers and DJs

The music: Latino, indie, lounge, techno

Random decorations scatter across the club including an eagle on the rooftop, mirrored ceilings that make the interior kaleidoscopic, a hanging inverted 1-story tall tree, semi-private rooms that come straight out of Batman’s Wayne Manor, English leather sofas from the gentlemen’s club and a snooker table.. Toilet sinks are made from the laundry tubs that you would normally find in the Colombian homes. You wash your hands under a shower head not a tap. You feel like somewhere in an industrial estate of dye factories..

The best part of this club is the dense vegetation that surrounds the first floor garden and the rooftop, both outdoor areas with acoustics that compare to a drum and bass club. You still have to elbow others and get knocked off while dancing but the beauty is the constant supply of fresh air!

As much as you find yourself getting distracted by all the interior eye-candies, you’d also be busy with the beautiful people who come across as the media, art and design type.. In a bland city that is full of citizens whose uniform is a pair of jeans with a shirt and then a cardigan, topped with a jacket, it’s nice to meet the alternatives/cool-wannabes sometimes.. To increase your chance of getting in, it’s best to bring a pair of glasses. Large black ones without the lenses are even better for the love of disguise, ensuring popularity among those who think that lensless glasses equals ‘cool’ identity. Or simply put on a fake moustache if you don’t have one!

Update April 14, 2013

On my second visit on the 16th March, Armando kiddies have yet found another way to stand out from the crowd. Moustaches seem to have gone out of fashion. In come the asymmetrical hair, especially when one side is long and the other, shaved. The new expression of the self means heightened gender equality as women can now also participate..


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