Never judge by appearance

Coriander from wikipedia
Coriander from Bogotá
The other day I wanted to make Mexican so I went to the supermarket for some ‘cilantro’ (coriander), as they call it here.. It’s quite a commonly-used herbs so I didn’t expect any difficulty in my search. To my surprise, after spending five minutes in the fresh herbs section digging through the forest of herbs (they love herbs here so it’s a standard to find  your flat-leaf parsley, curly-leave parsley, basil, or even the exotic oriental ones like lemon grass), I couldn’t find it! I asked for help, and the shop assistant casually grabbed a bunch in front of me and told me that was cilantro – what you see in the photo. Instead of the normal flat leaves, this bunch had spiky needle-like leaves! I was like, ‘maybe he didn’t understand me? This is NOT coriander!’
I gave it a chance anyway. I got hold of it and smelt it. Amazingly, it smelled like coriander! So it WAS coriander!
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