Colombian bread snack series – Pan de yuca


U-shape pan de yuca that’s been split into halves

Bakery products is one of the tastiest things available in Colombia (that is, at least, in my opinion)!! I have written about almojábanas and empanadas before, but there are still so many more.

As its name suggests – it’s the ‘bread of yuca’. Yuca is actually cassava, a native root vegetable, that’s comparable to potato or carrot, in South America. Pan de yuca is made from yuca flour, which is also called tapioca in some other countries.

Although it often comes in a U-shape, you’ll have double-check with the bakery if you are ever going to buy one, because it can also come in the shape of a donut, a bun, or a bite-size cookie dough.

Pan de yuca is chewy, and the dough has been rolled with cheese so it has a full savory flavor. It’s a popular choice for once, the tea/dinner time that is traditionally at about 5pm (although nowadays, with office work dominating the Colombian city life, once is more of a weekend luxury).

For those who have addictions to bread or anything chewy (that’s me, unfortunately..), you may want to think twice before getting your hands on one of these..



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