The best!!!!!!!

This has successfully got to my ‘favourite list’. It’s like a, er, it’s like a doughball (not the ones you get from Pizza Express. WAYYY better.. And much bigger, maybe 3 times bigger..) It is made by rolling cheese into the dough, so it’s cheesy and chewy. Consumed as a snack. It may look dull but gosh the amount of happiness it brings out and satisfaction it quenches is incredible!


  1. Never tried this one

  2. […] by the ubiquitous chocolate completo. The complete hot chocolate menu is served with cheese, almojabanas and bread (which means effectively you’re having your second meal if you’d already had […]

  3. […] can stuff yourself with unlimited exotic fruit juices, coffee and pan de whatever (ie yuca, bono, almojababa), arepas in 3 styles, 3 types of empanadas, various tamales, 2 types of calentado, omelettes from […]

  4. […] the tastiest things available in Colombia (that is, at least, in my opinion)!! I have written about almojábanas and empanadas before, but there are still so many […]

  5. […] and guanábana cream sponge, and even a chocolate and ale tart, almond and tree tomato tart, and almojábana flan (think of it as a crème brûlée in the shape of a tart). It’s really refreshing to see all […]

  6. […] an ‘upscale’ cafe. 1 donut costs COP 3,200 (US$1.5), whereas a typical snack like almojabana or pan de bono costs less than half of that, usually at COP 1,500 […]

  7. […] on how brave you can be) of caldo de costilla – beef rib clear bouillon, a coffee and an almojabana or pan de bono from ‘Barra Café’, one of the best in the city. The café is found at the […]

  8. […] and not fresh. So, better support local businesses! They also have very good pan de bono and almojabana if you want […]

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