I got my share eventually..

Perhaps it was bad luck; or perhaps it’s just the standard experience that everyone has to have in Bogotá.

Yes, I got mugged, after 8 months of immunity.

It’s a testimony to all those who have criticised me for being ‘uptight, exaggerating, scaremongering’ whatever name you want to brand it. Well, you can never be more careful!

It wasn’t nice of course but apparently I’m a true Bogotana now!

More details here!


  1. Sorry to hear of your experience. THere is a SmartPhone App called ‘Tappsi’. Using that you can order a Taxi any time anywhere in Bogota. It is safe and reliable. Take care.

  2. :O

  3. […] shitted on, it’s your problem because you’re standing in the wrong place. What? Yes, if your phone gets stolen, it’s because you haven’t looked after it. OK, in part you are held responsible for certain […]

  4. […] another obvious reason for topping the chart is lack of security. No one dares to walk around the city except for foreigners who are new to the city and […]

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