Get shitted on because you are standing under a shitting bird

Friday is special discount day on wines at Carulla – the atrociously overpriced supermarket. So the other day I went to exercise my customer right of paying fair prices.

I was delighted and proud when I found a Viña Tarapaca 2010 Gran Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon for an unusually reasonable price – at COP 30.000 / USD 15, in addition, buy 2 for 3! Absolutely not going to let that offer slip. Upon checking out, I realised that I was paying much more than had expected!

‘Did you apply the 2 for 3 offer?’

‘Yes, the discount has been applied.’

Incredulous, I went back and double checked the price tag. Yes! It said 30.000 and for the same brand! So why am I paying double!? Right next to me was a staff stacking wine. I asked for her help to rectify the problem.

She took a careful look, and said the price I saw wasn’t meant to be for the wine I bought. It’s for the same make but a lower grade..

WTF? Then why the hell did you put this bottle on top of that price tag?! I’m not trying to be OCD here but products and prices in a supermarket should align, shouldn’t they? This is basic. BASICS! If not, then I might as well go to a family owned grocery shop where nothing is tagged. I mean, why can’t you just get the basics right?

Worse, she righteously pointed out to me, ‘for the right price, you need to check with the price-verification machine or speak with the boss.’

Wow! What a lesson! You made a mistake, didn’t even apologise and made it sound like it was my fault? What’s the logic? How would the business work if you walked into a supermarket where you couldn’t be sure about the price of anything and had to check the price of everything? It just doesn’t work like that! (By the way, I’m not exaggerating. Actually a lot of their price labels and shelving aren’t right..)

This is Colombia. If you get shitted on, it’s your problem because you’re standing in the wrong place. What? Yes, if your phone gets stolen, it’s because you haven’t looked after it. OK, in part you are held responsible for certain degree of carelessness, buhould there have been thieves lurking around at the first place?! Shouldn’t the prices be correct from the beginning?

I’ve sometimes said ‘nothing works in Colombia’. This is an excellent example. Plus skewed logic, here you have perfect quality of life.


  1. Hazel Catkins · · Reply

    I’m sorry that happened to you. How can so many places be so incompetent and then so indifferent about their incompetence?

    Other than Paloquemao and Surtifruver (which you’ve written about before), where else do you usually shop for groceries? No Éxito?

    1. Hazel,
      I think Exito is the same as Carulla.. They belong to the same group..
      I go to Surtifruver for most things.
      Carulla when they have discounts for canned tuna & olive oil.
      Alkosto/Homecenter for laundry/cleaning products.
      Colsubsidio for the odd shampoo/soap..
      How about you? 🙂

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