Bogotá’s art scene


By Juan Uribe

Recently something really cool in Bogotá is making the city much more attractive and liveable than before. It totally took Bogotá up a few notches. The city that is commonly seen as having nothing interesting to do at weekends when most people who can afford it would flee to their country houses in search for some sweltering sun, or hide in their country clubs, or go to the villages/towns nearby for lunch (how is that even ‘interesting’?). And those who stay behind would auto-pilot hit the mall and go to the movies.

Enters Bogotá Arte Circuito. This year the Artwalk Saturdays really upped its game! It’s really quite well done, So good that I need to spread the word! Somehow Bogotá’s art scene has been growing and thriving in the past few years and it has really matured this year. Now in the city there are at least three main neighbourhoods of art galleries (not counting La Candelaria which is dominated by institutional museums). La Macarena in the south, just up the hill from the National Museum, the T zone and Virrey in the north and San Felipe in between the two, around Calle 77 x 21. For at least once a month on a Saturday afternoon, you start your walk with a little booklet that shows the map of the galleries, non-profit foundations and other art spaces. One thing that’s quite dorky about it is that you can get discounts at the food/retail outlets in the same area on that day if you get the booklet stamped by the participating galleries.

Some of the ones I went to that I love was Galería El Museo (which was huge) just tucked behind El Retiro mall. In the up-and-coming San Felipe, KB Espacio Para La Cultura is a really cool space with a cafe/bar where you can get Bratwurst. SGR was the special one for me because there I discovered Juan Uribe. Jacob Karpio Galería is clean and bright with well-curated shows. And of course there’s also Flora by the all important Jose Roca.

And to make it even better, I found out yesterday they also do guided tour! They called to tell me about a guided tour in La Candelaria this Friday 2-5pm. It would be a great opportunity to get to know the old city of Bogotá! So if any of you want to go, call 317 638 6108!

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