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All out for a piece of health!

Just like Marmite, Ciclovía has a love and hate relationship with people. Every Sunday and public holiday from 7am to 2pm, more than 121 km of roads is blocked for people to exercise on. It is the day on which half the city is out for sports. The most popular choices are cycling, running and rollerblading. […]

How to take a Bogotáno taxi

However uncomfortable and risk bearing it is to ride on Taxi in Bogota, sometimes it is more than necessary to do so. So in order to avoid succumbing to the overly limiting mobility while living in the demanding city, you can learn the tricks to make safer taxi journeys (though unfortunately it’s more difficult to make it pleasant […]

Bogotá Go-kart Taxis

It’s an impressive journey to take a ride on the taxis in Bogotá. On top of the need to stay constantly alert in case you need to jump out of the vehicle any time, before the muggers can get to you, you also need to put up with the constant thrusting that the driver is […]

The Million Dollar Ride

The infamous paseo millonario haunts Bogotá’s residents every day. Riding on one of the taxis in the city equals taking a risk of getting killed. You get unlucky. You flag down a taxi on the road, a taxi that unfortunately conspires with the triads. Everything appears to be normal until suddenly you realise that you’re […]

The city of polarities

If you are a regular on this site, you may have already noticed that Bogotá is really extreme. There are potholes running across the whole width of roads that are in desperate of need maintenance, but restaurants like the above that are super stylish and near to perfect. World class museums live next to uncollected […]

No car day in Bogotá..

My American readers, don’t fright. This is not happening in your country. Bogotá roads will have 1.6M less cars on the roads today. The only vehicles allowed on the roads are public and commercial use vehicles such as buses, lorries and ambulances.. To make sure there is no offender, the city has imposed a fine […]

It’s disturbing – the bunch of leaders who are managing Bogotá

Some of you may know from my previous post that the intelligent mayor of Bogotá came up with a great idea to terminate the contracts with the specialist rubbish collection companies. Instead, he adopted a ‘DIY’ approach to rubbish collection just one week before Christmas in 2012. With no skills, tools or the right people, the government […]

Paranormal Activity in Bogotá..

You know they say that electronic equipment like phones and internet modems interfere with your brain waves and can cause irreversible damages? Well, I’m not a zealot but sometimes it’s better to be a believer than not, especially when you have nothing to lose.. I diligently switch off the internet router every night before going […]

Yeah! Baby hit me one more time!!!

After taking lessons on ‘how to get a taxi in Bogotá without getting blackmailed’, I was finally confident enough to get a taxi yesterday. On my own. I wasn’t planning to take a taxi but circumstances dictate that I had to go for the quickest option. You may be glad to know that I did […]

Colombian work ethics

If Bogotános can represent their country, then Colombians work really hard. They work their asses off. It may be because they really need the money to send their children to private international schools, or it may just be pure survival. Working hours in the capital can be as long as twelve – by that I […]