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Every country has to have Irish immigrants and Colombia is no exception! And the pubs they (or the Irish pretending developers) open tend to be so successful that they often have a few branches. The Pub in Bogotá has 2 branches. I didn’t come across anyone with an Irish accent but the whole place was […]

I didn’t think this existed in Colombia!

2nd June 2016 update: Unforunately, like many other places in Bogotá, where the food and beverage business is highly competitive, Magnolio is now closed!  The beautiful house is still standing, now occupied by a Galician restaurant that is yet to open. Garden Area OK, those who think that I give excessive coverage on food please […]

Bogota Nightlife – ‘Bus party’

I guess every city has its own party vehicle.. You have the trams in Hong Kong, the red buses in London, and the Chivas in Bogota. While at Usaquen (something similar to a Soho in HK) feeding on cerviches and tiradito (Peruvian sashimis), with neighbours like Gerardo Bedoya (Colombian footballer), this ‘limousine’ got stuck in the traffic and stopped […]

Freaking Plastics!!!

It seems that the American culture is quite prevalent here.. It is common to get American TV. It is scary how American colonialism eats into countries through television. The first time I witness the shocking social phenomenon on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels was in Austria.. And then I came across Bridal Plasty in […]