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Colombian efficiencies

La Hamburgueseria – one of the 2 leaders in the burger market Having my self-indulgent moment (or rather, self-destructive tendency) the other day, I craved for a juicy, meaty, fulfilling and ‘soul-warming’ burger. Instead of El Corral, the most popular burger brand in Colombia (it has a myriad of retail brands including ‘gourmet’, an American-style diner, […]

Plastic sausages

So the other day I decided to but a bit of ‘spice’ in my vegetarian diet pursuit. I made lentils and sausage soup. I bought some mini sausages from the supermarket, cut them up, and put them in the soup. They smelled normal, and everything was going in the right direction. Mario came back, and […]

Stuck up & non-existent service

It was a long-awaited date on a Saturday when we were looking forward to going to the legendary Gaira Cafe, the restaurant owned by the brother of the most revered singer in Colombia, Carlos Vives. Upon arrival, I got a little disoriented because the house looked like an ethnic hut transported directly from some tropical forests. It was densely covered by heavy vegetation […]

Colombiano Fools’ball

The sight of ecstatic fans after their team has won, taken outside the window of my flat. Deafening honks lasted for 4 hours, between 8pm – 12am..  My ardent readers would recall that this is my second post on football. The sad reality is that Colombian life is dictated by complicated transport arrangement and football schedules. Sunday was […]

Colombian Infrastructure

As you previously read in my other post, you’d know that Colombian roads’ quality isn’t that good. Apart from poor quality, you also have a very low quantity. Colombia’s network of roads is not something that people boast about actually. It can be hard to imagine how big Colombia is, so there we go – […]

Christmas (or Cruelmas?)

Colombians showing their carnivorous side I learned recently that it is a tradition to eat pork or turkey at Christmas. However, I NEVER expected this! I was greeted by this poor little piggy as I entered a restaurant that appears to think that it was an attraction that would bring customers in, I guess, otherwise […]

Colombian 白菜

As I described in the other post, everything here is bigger. It’s interesting (or more accurately, comforting?) when you come across food that you know just because you also eat the same in your own country (even though it’s in the Colombian size). So when I saw this ‘pak choy’ that was as long as […]

The House of French ‘Anthropology’

Outdoor seating, just like in Paris Real bread.. Just like Paris! Versailles style salon   Jacque (and me of course..)       The other day, we went flat hunting again (yes.. again.. I feel tired just saying the two words). After seeing 6 flats in the morning, getting stuck in traffic for 1 hour […]

Colombia gets fashionable?!

Wayúu people and their bags, exhibiting at the Annual Exposition of Handicrafts Wayúu Bag on net-a-porter Can’t believe it. A Wayúu bag on net-a-porter?!!? I must develop some business opportunity real quick! The bag that is featured on net-a-porter, the leading luxurious fashion online retailer based in the UK, is made by the largest of the 80-100 […]

Banana with cheese

Platano maduro con queso   First, sorry to some of my viewers who complain about the excessive coverage of food.. The reality is that this is one of the most culturally different aspect from HK’s or Europe’s or other places’.. On the picture you have a plantain fried with cheese, served with a steak. Who […]