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Latin American Sashimi!

Causa – in Incan, means ‘Kausaq’, “that which gives life.” salad on top of potato mash served like little soldiers with quail eggs in gormet style A mixed cerviche with sea bass, octopus, squid and shrimps Tuna Tiradito It was an abstract notion when I dined at La Mar, when I found out that the main options […]

A Colombian contribution to the environment

Servillettas – ‘napkins’ It appears that every household uses napkins at the dining table. In a lower income family, smaller and less ply; a higher income one, more restaurant standard ones; in a Christmas-obsessed household, napkins like the one in the picture.. They use napkins whenever they eat, so you can imagine the amount of […]

The Colombian Police

Los Antimoltines The predicament of keeping Colombians safe. The paradox between wishing to have a psychological oppressive presence and dissipate a reassuring sense of safety. The objectification of a history of violence and aggression. To me, this looks like a battlefield tank (the shortening effect of the photo makes the vehicle look smaller, but it’s actually as […]

A Colombian Christmas

Irma lighting candles like we do at mid autumn festival.. Colombians are CRAZY about Christmas! Their love of Christmas may make the Europeans or their northern counterparts ashamed. They like the most techno and hyperactive light effects in neon blue and white for decorating the facades of their houses, and the lights are religiously turned […]

Dealing with the Language

As Bogotán life starts taking its toll, so does my Spanish. I can no longer rely on others to help with my daily life. Calling to make reservation starts to be tricky when all you hear on the other side of the phone is a kind of machine gun sound. You have rehearsed the lines […]


Every country has to have Irish immigrants and Colombia is no exception! And the pubs they (or the Irish pretending developers) open tend to be so successful that they often have a few branches. The Pub in Bogotá has 2 branches. I didn’t come across anyone with an Irish accent but the whole place was […]


  Households that are middle class or above tend to have maids at home. These maids are also Colombians (unlike the foreign labour in HK) who come to your house as early as 7am in the morning for housework. The difference is that Colombia seems to be highly regulated and the law stipulates that every […]


The public consensus is that Latinos are passionate people. I personally experienced this in their love for their football. Latin Americans definitely love their football. The match between Millonarios from Bogota and Grêmio from Porto Alegre in Brazil of the ‘South America Cup’ was the testament of their unconditional love. After losing 1-3 to the […]

Predictability and punctuality permeate Bogotá

Weather here is very predictable but never dull. Temperature range remains constant throughout the whole year, always hovering between 8-10 and 19-22 every day. You get 4 seasons in a day. For the lazy ones – yes it’s great. You don’t ever need to change your wardrobe. The problem is that you need to bring your […]

Power stoppage!!!

        Yes, this is another thing that I didn’t expect to happen in the capital of Colombia.   The other night, at about 9pm, the lights in the room started to dim (yes they didn’t turn off completely but dimmed). Then you’ve got Mario starting to tell you the difference between an energy-saving light bulb […]