Vegetarian options in Colombia

The other day I met a Colombian lady who recently turned vegan after visiting a homeopathic doctor who learned the arts of herbal medicine in China and India.. I asked her how she survived in this meat-loving city. She said the magic word – tofu! I asked where I could possibly get it because after a month of an intensive tofu holy grail, I haven’t come across any! She said, ‘get it from the supermarkets’! She gave me hope because I have been through all the supermarkets in the city; big and small, posh and basic.. I have been to Carulla, often regarded as the better brand of the two biggest super market chains, Exito and Olympica, and have had no luck..

Last week, I bumped into a rather posh Carulla in the financial district. I thought I would try again. I went through the whole fridge and places that I imagined it could possibly be (as the substitute to meat, next to the ham perhaps..?).. No, nothing. I asked for help. I was escorted to the cheese fridge (cheese?!). The staff helped me dig through the fridge that was full of cheese which made me wonder if she really knew what I was looking for.. Then miraculously, before I knew it, she got me a plastic block of white item that had the word ‘tofu’ on it!! Scarily it also said Queso. Tofu Queso – ie tofu cheese.. ?!??!!??!!!? I was caught between being 100% puzzled and a revolting sensation.. Upon a closer inspection finding out that it appeared to be a lumpy white block that might taste mashy, I gave up my quest.

It might just be safer to stick to the meat here..


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    What do you mean Tofu is not cheese??? I thought it was the Vegan cheese…

  2. Just try it… you never know =p I probably need to bring you a whole suitcase of supplies when I come visit.

  3. thanks for the vote of courage..
    Yes! I NEED HELP!!! 😀

  4. Cannot believe tofu has such a misnomer.. Please don't tell me you think tofu is made of milk ;p

  5. there’s vegan cheese…more info coming soon…

    1. what’s vegan cheese.. isn’t that tofu?!?!

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