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Colombians dancing their way to health!

Irma, Mario’s sister, is very enthusiastic about sports, which sets her quite apart from her little brother.. So, one day, she started talking enthusiastically about some aerobic dance class and then concluded that we should go together to ‘Rumba’. Rumba is an aerobic dance class that is loosely based on various Colombian dance styles with […]

Ant-eating culture

Last week, we received a guest from Bucaramanga. (I know, what kind of a name is that?) Don’t ask me about Colombian names.. Colombia is made up of places with names like this. However, I seem to have already acquired the ability to remember these often more-than-6-syllables words, so perhaps I am slowly turning into […]

The city of polarities

If you are a regular on this site, you may have already noticed that Bogotá is really extreme. There are potholes running across the whole width of roads that are in desperate of need maintenance, but restaurants like the above that are super stylish and near to perfect. World class museums live next to uncollected […]

The happiest place on earth

The 35 year-old annual ‘Global Barometer of Hope and Happiness’ survey (I know, it’s ridiculous how many different kinds of surveys are out there! You name it, you get it!) recently determined that Colombia was the happiest country on the planet in 2012. Colombians appear to be at least twice as happy as the rest of […]

Scary Colombian TV commercials

  I have previously written that mobile phone theft is one of the most common petty offences in the country. Well, when it comes to Colombia, it’s no longer ‘petty’. With a rate of 4,000 phones stolen everyday and a total number of 440,000 phones reported stolen in the last three months of 2011, it seriously threatens the […]

onechineseincolombia’s first newspaper article!

Here is the article 😀 Lachoco Latera is a little hole in the heart of Macarena, distilled from the franticness that the city often induces, where you can savour decadent chocolate and take some time out for yourself. The name takes its cue from children’s songs. Its lightheartedness and simplicity points to a grand philosophy […]


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Colombian soup series – fish soup

It may look exactly like it’s been regurgitated from someone’s stomach but believe me it was good! What you see here is a fish soup with arepa con queso (with a mozzarella type cheese – the most popular and most widely eaten cheese here).  Fish is generally a minority on the Bogotá menu, considering that […]

No car day in Bogotá..

My American readers, don’t fright. This is not happening in your country. Bogotá roads will have 1.6M less cars on the roads today. The only vehicles allowed on the roads are public and commercial use vehicles such as buses, lorries and ambulances.. To make sure there is no offender, the city has imposed a fine […]


First of all, I shall apologise to my fervent Colombia supporters – this post is by no means Colombia-related. I just needed to write about this! You have the right to know about something that is so good! The only piece of news that I can stretch to Colombia is that the Colombian cinemas are […]