Not moving at all!

(When traffic is like that few wonder how it’s possible to stay active. Ok this was back in Quito, Ecuador. Though it’s just the same story in Bogotá. It seems that I had been brainwashed by Sebastian Yatra even before the 9th Dec at Armando when I thought it was my first time hearing it!)

Usually the first month of the year is when all the resolutions get done for the rest of the year. Gym membership goes up when everyone’s feeling guilty about December. So did you know that Colombians came top as some of the most inactive people in the world?! I can’t speak for other parts of Colombia but it’s not a surprise in Bogotá when 4 hours of your day just vanish into thin air due to commuting! Then how is there any time for exercise!?

Perhaps another obvious reason for topping the chart is lack of security. No one dares to walk around the city except for foreigners who are new to the city and aren’t aware of the risks they are exposed to. Though as a foreigner I must say it’s really not that bad, and I walk around often. And especially now after the peace deal it feels a lot safer than before.. It’s all relative, isn’t it?

One possible consolation is that Colombia may not necessarily come up top if the hours they spend dancing are included in this piece of stats. But then this may only be applicable to 10% of the population who can afford the luxury of leisure time..

Also, with the new mayor, Enrique Peñalosa, cycling culture has picked up, with residents making use of the cycling lanes to commute, which makes total sense when cycling can get you to work more quickly than going in a vehicle.

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