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Learning about the regional nuances of Colombian cuisine

For those who have had enough of beans and potatoes from the Andean cuisine, costeña food offers a reprieve with its interesting fusion of Caribbean presence (fish-bias) and Arabic influence (which includes falafel and aubergine-filled tamales!). The sweet and fluffy coconut rice and round, ball-shaped butifarra sausages certainly make an interesting change from plain rice and […]

Colombia’s indigenous people

er.. Yes.. I am cheating and posting something that I have written for a local newspaper here.. Well technically it still fits the bill – something about Colombia and something that I have written! This exhibition of the Muiscas gold offering objects is a fascinating view into the past of Colombia. It’s a pity that the […]

What happened to OneChineseInColombia?!

It’s been 3 months since I last wrote! After such a long period of absence I have decided to come back with vengeance no matter what! I have said initially that the day I stop writing here is going to be the day I stop getting any cultural shock. Well quite the contrary is true […]

Now, that’s innovation

It’s time to showcase the Colombian urinals. I tell you, no where else in the world I’ve seen a urinal plastic cover like this one. It’s ingenious! NB please don’t freak out I didn’t get into such an extreme as to venture into the men’s room to show you the deeply-held truth. It just so […]

Café Pasaje

Café Pasaje is near La Candelaria (the old colonial area) of Bogotá. It is tucked on the side of Rosario plaza, just beneath the historical Avenida Jiménez. It sits next to the emerald trading neighbourhood, the Museum of Gold, the Central Bank, several other ministries and government offices, and on top of which, a few universities that dot […]

The Colombian Disneyland?

I wouldn’t be able to justify a blog about Colombia if I hadn’t written about Andres Carne de Res, the omnipresent institution that seems to have played a big part in defining the cityscape and consciousness of Bogotá. There is nothing quite like Andres, and writing about it may risk misrepresenting it. Filled with mismatching bits and bobs that […]

Bogotá chitchat topics

You may have already noticed that I talk a lot about transport, whether it’s good or bad. Well, the reality is, transport is a fundamental problem that affects the daily lives of Bogotános, which means that it has found its way to conversations with frequent presence. You’re going into a meeting with your clients, you […]

How to move around Bogotá

Counting four months since I first arrived and having had repetitive safety training advice that’s so constantly reeled that it’s become part of my subconscious, I have by now gathered enough intelligence to be able to take on the streets with confidence! So I thought I should at least make some contribution to the world and […]

Colombian minibuses

They are devils on four wheels. The minibuses of Bogotá are reckless; they do whatever they wish, drive however they want, because they think they are the only vehicles on the roads. Their signature annoyance practice is to take over you, get in front of you and then stop, so that they can pick up […]

All out for a piece of health!

Just like Marmite, Ciclovía has a love and hate relationship with people. Every Sunday and public holiday from 7am to 2pm, more than 121 km of roads is blocked for people to exercise on. It is the day on which half the city is out for sports. The most popular choices are cycling, running and rollerblading. […]