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The best!!!!!!! This has successfully got to my ‘favourite list’. It’s like a, er, it’s like a doughball (not the ones you get from Pizza Express. WAYYY better.. And much bigger, maybe 3 times bigger..) It is made by rolling cheese into the dough, so it’s cheesy and chewy. Consumed as a snack. It may […]

Paul Frank in Bogota

Yes this cheeky monkey has got quite a following in Bogota. Its popularity does not prevail only in smart phone covers. This picture was taken outside a childcare centre!! (gosh if I was in the UK I would have been given the suspicious eye or faulsed to delete the file when taking this picture..)


  This is ingenious. Plátano, or plantain in English, is like a banana that you normally get but multiply that by 4 times please. There you get a plátano, an all time favourite garnish on the Colombian dining table. The way patacón is made is that first of all you have to cut the plantain […]


  Everything in Colombia is bigger – whether it’s the mango, the banana, or the (I will let you put in your own noun here). Perhaps it’s to do with the nutritious environment here. Let me give you a reference. This avocado was bigger than my hand. And the 2 avocadoes I bought were 1.435 […]

Colombian Style

Er.. this was really super funny. Actually it was funny the first time we came across it. And then once you find out that it gets played on the radio like X times a day, then it was funny no more.

The Colombian Mario

What you see here is the art of the homely Mario, a version of Mario that cannot be known to people in HK. Sorry I am exposing him here. But guys – be ready for this. Mario made this bed! The quality of the made-bed is of 5-stars hotels’ housekeeping standards..! Also because of me […]

Colombian coffee shop

You may be pleased to know that the photo was taken in Bogota! It’s the Colombian ‘starbucks’, Juan Valdez. The products are pretty ‘normal’ and you may find the same offerings in London or Hong Kong. You want it cold? Yes! You want it frape? Yes! Yes.. I am not deprived!

Mall rats

Contrary to general public perception, Colombia is really not a jungle with only rainforests and tribal people. You may be pleased to know that Bogota has shopping malls! In fact, many of them. Shopping malls are sporing perhaps because people only feel safe when they are out of the streets inside the shopping mall. You’d […]

Colombian ‘roads’

To most people, if you play a game of word association with them, when you say ‘Colombia’, they are very likely to come up with ‘dangerous’, ‘cocaine’, or ‘guerrillas’. But the top most dangerous issue that you really have to worry about, that would really affect your daily life in Bogota, is walking or driving […]