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Directories in Colombia

In this photo, you see the poor old man with 3 yellowpages/directories.. So why the hell would he need so many of them? ‘Why did the directory man give you 3 phonebooks?’ ‘Because we have 3 telephones.’ So, yes, it appears that in this country, phone directories are given out based on the number of […]

The Colombian Hero

Mandolin on a chair, 1957 Of course.. How can a blog about Colombia exist without mentioning Botero?! He’s the hero of the country because he’s pretty much the only Colombian artist that is known internationally. But his style didn’t exactly make contribution to the stylistic development the history of art.. His paintings don’t even have […]

Colombian art treasures

A typical La Candelaria colonial architecture – always with a courtyard The new part of the museum complex The small scale museum houses mostly artists from Colombia, and foreign artists who have made major contributions to the Colombian art scene. It takes you through the Colombian history of art from the 18th century to the […]

The national drink

The Coca Cola of Colombia. I’m sorry if I have disappointed those who thought this was going to be an article about coffee.. The colour is not really your regular Fanta. It has an alluring glow-in-the-dark. How it managed to achieve that colour I do not wish to know. But the ingredient field says ‘artificial […]

Colombian Protectionism

A Juan Valdez When you have ice-cream, of course you also get coffee. It’s one of the two things that are most commonly available here (I am sorry, but it’s predictable, isn’t it?). Entry barrier in this country tends to be high. So, like the ice-cream retail industry, the coffee sector also suffers from a similar destiny. […]

Bogotáns and Ice-cream

It’s a love relationship, no doubt. You can find people eat ice-cream at any time of the day (we’re talking about as early as 10am..) It’s a standard kind of dessert, a snack, or even a meal (common for people to go for the 2-3 scope sundaes). So if you go on the streets at […]

Colombian Travellers’ style

Since I have previously written an article on Colombia’s drivers, I thought I should also give the passengers of this country some justice.. You often see passengers travelling in the truck of the cars! It’s a common scene here that normally happens to dogs in other countries.. These cars may not be any spacious SUV, […]

Bogotá’s new year

It’s quiet! That’s one thing for sure! The city has become so breathtakingly surrealist! There is hardly anyone or any car on the streets! A 6-lane highway has perhaps 10 cars running at a time. I couldn’t stop wondering where all the people had fled! It’s incredible! On the first day of the year, all […]

Colombian New Year’s Eve

It was a Christmas Eve repeat. Like a sequel to any mega blockbuster (Batman perhaps an exception), like your Matrix or Alien, always comes with high expectation and an equal dose of disappointment. Don’t get me wrong it was totally heartfelt warming to be with the family. I guess I might have enjoyed it more if […]

La Candelaria, the colonial historical centre in Bogota

Miss Bogotá

Inglesia de La Candelaria All that I had seen in Bogotá previously had been the homogenous rectangular blocks of 7-storey brick buildings, office and residential alike. The La Candelaria visit the other day was such a surprise! The old town in the South of Bogotá is the centre of tourist, legal and public activities, where […]