When you travel to a city there is always a ‘must-do’ list. In Bogotá, one of the must-do items is having breakfast at the La Puerta Falsa.

When there is a must-do list of course there is also a must-eat list. Breakfast in Colombia means only a few things, calentadotamales, or arepas.. And the must-eat breakfast item in this 200 year old cafe is their tamales. Upon entering the colonial house that has a distinctively historical flair, you will already have noticed the plates of tamales churning out from the pot that can fit a young child in the kitchen. Tamales from La Puerta Falsa come piping hot, just perfect for the demanding Chinese.

The filling and comforting hangover cure can be followed by the ubiquitous chocolate completo. The complete hot chocolate menu is served with cheese, almojabana and bread (which means effectively you’re having your second meal if you’d already had a tamal). Alternatively you may swap the hot chocolate with a hot panela drink (it’s basically just water sweetened with panela, the commonly used form of sugar that is derived from sugar cane).


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