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‘real’ Bread in Bogota

I apologise for doing a bit of advertising here, it’s just that good things should be known by all. Foreigners in Bogota may agree that bread here tends to verge towards the sweet side.. I was lucky to have found proper bread from Maxli. It’s simply the best in the city in terms of value, nutrients and quality. […]

Monster fruit! Curuba

I’ve covered a few different exotic fruits before. The variety of fruits here can be rather bemusing, especially when they are not commonly found elsewhere and many of their names in at least 4 syllables. There is granadilla, maracuya, guanabana and pitaya (perhaps the easiest to remember by far!).. Indeed, there are so many of them that going to the green […]

‘3-milk’ pudding!!!

  The other day I wrote about one of Bogotá’s most popular ‘not-quite-so-Colombian’ dessert. Today’s feature is the ‘3-milk’ dessert (tres leches). Tres leches is an important member of the myriad traditional desserts from Bogota that are mostly milk-based, either in the form of cheese, rice pudding or arequipe. Anyone who’s got a liking for creamy and moist desserts like custard, Eton mess or tiramisu would love this one. Tres leches is essentially […]

the ubiquitous chocoflan

It’s Easter so let’s talk about something eggy. The other day it occurred to me that I should write about chocoflan, a immensely popular dessert and therefore a common presence in Bogotá. It’s a genius invention that solves the dilemma of choices because you get crème caramel and chocolate cake in one dessert. Sometimes you can […]

Watery milk soup – Not for the faint-hearted

  Indeed, just the look of the white frothy soup dish, changua, may be a shock to anyone. Changua’s a prominent member on Bogotá’s breakfast menu. It makes up city’s psyche. Talk to any Bogotanos (most, anyway) about changua and it’s likely that they’ll give you a longing, happy look. It’s the ultimate comfort food of […]

The contestable Bogotá Best Burger

I’ve been in a bit of a burger addiction phase lately. That means I’ve been spending every week hunting down new burger joints. As I have written previously, Bogotá has somehow made the American invention a national food, so it’s a great place for the burger lover or connoisseur; there’s something for every diet, religion, […]

Colombians favorite oat drink..

Oat drink, coined avena (oat) here, is a ubiquitous component in the daily Colombian diet. It’s drunk at breakfast, tea time, or as a sure fix for sudden peckishness any time during the day. Colombians love it. It may be one of the things (along with arepa) they’d miss for when they’re abroad. But it’s […]