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The infamous root vegetable

Yuca – the omnipresent root vegetable that lurks around every corner of Colombian menus, kitchens and dining tables. It’s an amazing vegetable that seems to be extremely versatile! You can eat it on its own, deep fried or boiled, use it as part of your soup as an alternative to potatoes to make it more filling, or […]

Passion fruit’s cousin..?

You might have already learned from my blog about the myriad of strange exotic fruits that Colombia has to offer. Sometimes it’s just plainly confusing! A granadilla looks very similar to the Colombian passion fruit, except that it’s orange and not yellow. As with many things in Colombia, when you ask a Colombian, ‘what’s the difference […]

Colombian dragon fruit

A good way of comprehending what this little monster is, is to think about a dragon fruit in half its usual size, with a yellow outfit and bigger seeds. In fact, the yellow and red dragon fruits are brothers. They share similar physical characteristics – the yellow one is also filled with white flesh and […]

Colombian dim sum?

Carimañola is THE delicacy of the Northern Caribbean coast. It’s Colombian as well as Panamanian (by the way I only found out today that things from Panama are Panamanian..!!). Like pan de yuca, carimañola is made of yuca flour. But it tastes nothing like pan de yuca. Rather, it’s similar to buñuelo because of its deep-fried nature. However, whilst […]

Colombian doughnut

I LOVE my Colombian doughnut!!! They are so round (how did they come out so perfectly round, I wonder?). So cute. So attractive. So delicious!! The combination of a light crispy surface and a soft spongy chewy texture is sooo addictive! Also the perfect round ball shape is just so hard to resist! A word […]


Colombian bread snacks really exemplifies ‘same same, but different’. Pandebono is very similar to pan de yuca in terms of both texture and flavor. Once I have asked my Colombian comrade, ‘So what’s the difference between the two? If I can’t understand the difference I won’t be able to explain to others!’ Although both pan de yuca […]

Colombian bread snack series – Pan de yuca

Bakery products is one of the tastiest things available in Colombia (that is, at least, in my opinion)!! I have written about almojábanas and empanadas before, but there are still so many more. As its name suggests – it’s the ‘bread of yuca’. Yuca is actually cassava, a native root vegetable, that’s comparable to potato […]


This peculiar fruit is really strange and special. I can make a hell of a riddle out of it, one that emulates the one from Sphinx – what is purple when born, hairy when young, prickly when mature, and turns green inside when aged? Originally when I saw the orange fruit, it was when no […]

Banana as main course

After a 4-month Colombian life, I have got accustomed to having at least half a banana on my main course plate, although most of the times, half a banana here is more like one whole banana elsewhere. From being a curious surprise at the beginning, something that had always been looked forward to, it’s now […]

The almighty but lethal deep fried piece of fat

The deep fried pork, skin on, with layers of fat and meat, is synonymous with gratification, joy, and indulgence. To be precise, the essence is in the skin. Without the skin it doesn’t get qualified to be called chicharrón. It has a determinedly solid status in the hearts of Colombians. The dish was propagated by the […]