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Skin Deep Beauty

It’s Thursday so it’s time for some dining out inspiration for the weekend! Restaurants goers will have already been to NN since it opened last year, which is no longer considered a new comer to the fleeting restaurant scene of Bogota. NN is particularly secretive. Without even a website, it is hard for customers to make reservations, let alone to find it. […]

Alternative dining in Bogota

Klass is hidden behind Gran China, the ‘famous’ Chinese restaurant that everyone seems to know about, in vogue 20 years ago, but has since lost customers to Wok (I still haven’t been yet so don’t ask me whether it’s good). The ginormous Chinese façade dwarfs Klass’s unnamed little white house. The restaurant that is named after the chef has no […]

French patisserie now in Bogota!

27th Aug 2016: #OneChineseInColombia found that for some reason the quality of pastries has gone down. The plie au chocolate had less chocolate than before, not filled with custard cream anymore.. And the croissant aux amandes seems to have got more sugar to cover for the rather light-handed almond.. It’s sad that maybe they have had to cut down on […]

Colombia’s first Nikkei!

  Toshiro Konishi, a Japanese chef who has been working in Peru for the last 30 years after studying in the same restaurant as Nobu in Japan, has just opened his new venture in Bogotá in collaboration with La Fragata! Toshiro (no website yet) serves up Nikkei delicacies, or, ‘Peruvian Japanese’ dishes. So think cebiche and flamed sushi with Philadelphia. […]

Where to find Argentine goodies in Bogota?

There has been a phenomenon in Bogotá recently. (Well, perhaps not so recently and not only in Bogotá, but something that has only recently come to my awareness.) Argentines are following the footsteps of Venezuelans, flooding into Colombia. So, thanks to Kirchner, it’s now easy to get Argentine goodies such as their own empanadas (not like the Colombian […]

The Best cheesecakes in Bogotá..

  are probably from Myriam Camhi, just because of their sheer resemblance to the real thing (American style, of course) and the wide range of renditions. Myriam Camhi is also an overall winner for cakes because you know you’ll get plenty of options. The only problem is not knowing which one to pick! Apart from cheesecakes, you can choose from the mind-boggling […]

Bogotá’s Indian Gin Bar

I can’t say that Gin and Indian food will work for everyone.. Try it only if you have a strong stomach. Little Indian Super Star may stand for an unappealing combo of overpriced gin cocktails, slightly stuck-up service and inauthentic Indian food, but it’s worth going once for the sake of novelty, to marvel at incredulously over-the-top decorations and the potentials of […]