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Colombia’s first Nikkei!

  Toshiro Konishi, a Japanese chef who has been working in Peru for the last 30 years after studying in the same restaurant as Nobu in Japan, has just opened his new venture in Bogotá in collaboration with La Fragata! Toshiro (no website yet) serves up Nikkei delicacies, or, ‘Peruvian Japanese’ dishes. So think cebiche and flamed sushi with Philadelphia. […]

Where to find Argentine goodies in Bogota?

There has been a phenomenon in Bogotá recently. (Well, perhaps not so recently and not only in Bogotá, but something that has only recently come to my awareness.) Argentines are following the footsteps of Venezuelans, flooding into Colombia. So, thanks to Kirchner, it’s now easy to get Argentine goodies such as their own empanadas (not like the Colombian […]

The Best cheesecakes in Bogotá..

  are probably from Myriam Camhi, just because of their sheer resemblance to the real thing (American style, of course) and the wide range of renditions. Myriam Camhi is also an overall winner for cakes because you know you’ll get plenty of options. The only problem is not knowing which one to pick! Apart from cheesecakes, you can choose from the mind-boggling […]

Bogotá’s Indian Gin Bar

I can’t say that Gin and Indian food will work for everyone.. Try it only if you have a strong stomach. Little Indian Super Star may stand for an unappealing combo of overpriced gin cocktails, slightly stuck-up service and inauthentic Indian food, but it’s worth going once for the sake of novelty, to marvel at incredulously over-the-top decorations and the potentials of […]

Fancy Rabbit for dinner in Bogota?

For those who were expecting to read about having rabbit as a Colombian dish, you may be disappointed. Well, rabbit may exist in Colombia cuisine given available rarities like cuy (guinea pig) in the South West region, Nariño, but unfortunately I haven’t come across it yet. What other nation has utilised the animal kingdom for the menu as well as the […]

Bogota’s best burger

  As mentioned before, I have been going by a Best Burger rank to hunt down the best burger in the city. Admittedly the task hasn’t been easy because it involves a slightly grudging diet; plus, it’s a delicately subjective matter and can vary from day to day depending on the chef’s mood. Taking my […]

The contestable Bogotá Best Burger

I’ve been in a bit of a burger addiction phase lately. That means I’ve been spending every week hunting down new burger joints. As I have written previously, Bogotá has somehow made the American invention a national food, so it’s a great place for the burger lover or connoisseur; there’s something for every diet, religion, […]

Amarti-The master of Colombian service

Unsatisfactory service quality is ubiquitous in Bogotá, but since customers don’t complain or have any better choice, restaurants continue to indulge in their spoiled ways. The first time I tested my luck with Café Amarti, a popular restaurant at the North East corner of the Usaquén square, was on a Saturday, at 1pm. I went […]

Michelin Bogotá?

Note 26th June 2016: I recently found out that La Mina no longer exists. Out it went and in came an Asian restaurant. It’s true that Bogotá is full of overpriced restaurants with food that isn’t worth the buck (usually pricing is one notch higher than the food quality) and retarded service like slow and […]

A cafe less than its name

Harry’s Bakery is one of those cafes that simply entice you with large-size cakes on display, usually too many of them for you to be able to make a decision. The cake size and selection indicate that it’s an American-style café rather than a dainty patisserie. After thinking long and hard, evaluating between choosing my longstanding favorites […]