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Buy, buy buy and EAT, EAT, and EAT!!

Those of you who have read my story in ‘Was Gabo an Irishman?‘ would know that Bogotá (can’t speak for other rural areas which admittedly and sadly are much much poorer than the capital), like other developing countries’ cities, is enjoying a rising middle class and growing wealth. (Although, of course, this is hotly debated among various […]

World Cup in Colombia

Today, Colombia plays their first game in the World Cup after 16 years of absence, against Greece!! Colombia has been leaping into a state of frenzy in the last months and especially this Thursday when the World Cup kicked off! On World Cup’s first day, Bogotá’s electricity supplier Codensa decided to ask their employees to […]

Colombia’s political soap

  The Colombian presidential election is a funny thing You wonder how the five presidential candidates are going to get their votes here when there’re no debates. No rallies. No challengers. No interviews. No constructive discussions of policies. No concrete plans of how their political commitment can be achieved (well, with the exception of Enrique […]

How to say no in Bogotá

Foreigner: My dear, let’s go to the cinema! Bogotano: We’ll see.   Foreigner: Can we go to the supermarket to get some tea? Bogotano: Er..   Foreigner: It’s Sunday! Looks like it’s gonna be a nice day! Shall we go to La Candeleria and have tamales and go to the Museum of Central Bank? Bogotano: Let’s […]

Bogotá’s human side

I might have written a lot about how terrible the busetas are in Bogotá, but it’s also on these vehicles that you get to experience the warm and fuzzy feeling among human beings. Passengers help each other on these busetas. It’s quite a strange sight, especially given the stigma of asking a passerby on the streets for directions or […]


Halloween turns out to be the biggest event in Bogotá! Absolutely amazing! The whole city turns itself into a mega fun fair. It’s the ultimate spectacle of the year before the ‘festival of lights‘ begins in November. It was like a carnival! Everyone seems to have left work early and hits the streets in their […]

Yea! Holidays!

If you like holidays (who doesn’t!?), Colombia is THE place to be because it has the second largest number of national holidays in the world! Perhaps a big reason that’s brought Colombia ‘the happiest country in the world’ status. When you start asking why on earth this country has so many holidays, it gets very […]

What happened to OneChineseInColombia?!

It’s been 3 months since I last wrote! After such a long period of absence I have decided to come back with vengeance no matter what! I have said initially that the day I stop writing here is going to be the day I stop getting any cultural shock. Well quite the contrary is true […]

Colombians dancing their way to health!

Irma, Mario’s sister, is very enthusiastic about sports, which sets her quite apart from her little brother.. So, one day, she started talking enthusiastically about some aerobic dance class and then concluded that we should go together to ‘Rumba’. Rumba is an aerobic dance class that is loosely based on various Colombian dance styles with […]

The city of polarities

If you are a regular on this site, you may have already noticed that Bogotá is really extreme. There are potholes running across the whole width of roads that are in desperate of need maintenance, but restaurants like the above that are super stylish and near to perfect. World class museums live next to uncollected […]